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December 15, 2017

The Best Seedbox for the Overall Experience

After 14 hours of research and testing 9 different seedbox services, we think that Rapidseedbox is the best Seedbox solution. With unlimited bandwidth, excellent customer support, easy setup, affordable plans and 14 days money back guarantee- we think it’s one of the best seedboxes out there.

Our Top Picks

RapidSeedbox logo


Ease of Use

Customer Support

2-8 GB RAM

5-25 TB Traffic

1-5.6 TB Storage

1 & 10 Gbps Port


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Seedbox.io logo


Ease of Use

Customer Support

Shared and Dedicated Slots

Shared and Dedicated IPs


DediSeedbox logo


Ease of Use

Customer Support

1-2 TB Disc Space

10 Gbps Traffic

OpenVPN, Sync & Plex

Encrypted FTP & HTTP


SeedboxBay logo


Ease of Use

Customer Support

150-600 GB Storage

1 Gbps Connection

Unlimited Bandwidth


SeedStorm logo


Ease of Use

Customer Support

3-10 TB Bandwidth

500-1500 GB Disc Space

300/1000 Mbit upload/download


At some point, you may find yourself needing to download torrent files. If so, you’re not alone. Torrents are downloaded by using a peer-to-peer file sharing system and account for over half of the traffic on the internet. A seedbox provides you with a dedicated high-speed server that will allow you access to your files from anywhere, and is a must-have for anyone dealing with torrents on a regular basis. 

Why Use a Seedbox? 

Seedboxes are remote servers hosted on high-bandwidth data centers that allow you to upload and download extremely large files securely and quickly. 

Seedboxes can be great tools for all computer users, from gamers to office professionals. They provide remote access to a dedicated high-speed server. By obtaining a seedbox, users are able to privately receive access to torrent-sharing benefits that cannot be found anywhere else on the internet. 

Consider these reasons from Airservers detailing why seedboxes can be beneficial.


Seedboxes can grant download and upload speeds that you’ve never seen before. Most seedboxes are set up with, at a minimum, 100Mbit lines. How fast is that? You’ll be able to download an audio album in about 10 seconds.


Downloading can become a breeze with a seedbox. You may be able to download full length, high-definition movies in as little as two minutes. Attempting to do this without a seedbox could take hours. 

Seedboxes can also provide access to storage databases so that you do not have to host your downloads on your home network.


Many users find that they prefer to upload instead of download when using their seedbox. In fact, if you’re considering using a seedbox, uploading should be one of the primary reasons you do so. 

Seedboxes do not have any upload limitations. You will be able to maximize upload and download transfer rates on your seedbox simultaneously.

Protecting Your Home Internet 

Using a seedbox keeps your home network free for everyone else to use for smaller day-to-day files. Home users often struggle with the speed of their internet, even if they are not downloading an abundance of large files. 

Downloading large torrent files at slow bandwidth speeds could cripple your home internet. A seedbox solves this dilemma.

Getting Around ISP Restrictions

Users typically are restricted to monthly ISP limits. If your ISP is capped, torrent downloads can quickly push you toward your max. Torrent uploads will not interfere with your ISP restrictions. Your ISP will also no longer affect your P2P traffic.

Gain Access to Torrent Sites

As you begin uploading content, torrent sites will invite you to access their servers. Many seedbox users find that rotating private BitTorrent accounts when using a seedbox is practical and effective.

Broad Content Selection

As your credibility grows, you’ll be able to access the torrents that you want. You will no longer need to download the torrents you are uninterested in just to gain access to the torrents you actually want. Additionally, seedboxes are given the highest priority in torrent upload queues.

Safety and Security

RIAA and MPAA concerns go out the window when working with a seedbox. Seedboxes grant the utmost privacy, and you will not need to use host a BitTorrent client account on your home computer.

Additional Resources to Help You Get Started

There is also an entire section on Reddit dedicated to seedboxes. The forum can provide more information if you’re interested in self-seeding. The community appears active and can be helpful as you figure out how a seedbox can work with your operating system. 

Choosing the Best Seedbox

There are multiple seedbox options available to choose from. Reddit users have provided advice for finding the best cheap seedbox. In the meantime, consider these options we’ve provided for you as a starting point.  

RapidSeedbox has deployed over 24,600 seedboxes to date and provides their seedbox automation and streaming services to users in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, France, and Canada. Their servers are located in the Netherlands and France, which are some of the best server locations you should look for. 

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The seedboxes they offer are compatible with the following systems: 

  • Windows 
  • Open VZ 7.0
  • CentOS
  • Ubuntu 
  • Debian
  • Budget friendly plans available, starting as low as €11 per month 
  • There are promotional offers available for annual payments, where users get 2 months free if they pay a year upfront
  • Seedboxes come with pre-installed apps, such as remote desktop, web browser, and download manager, making them beginner friendly 
  • Apps can be installed with one click which make the process easy and hassle free
  • The seedbox offers more control options than other seedboxes
  • Option to rent IPv4 and IPv6 IP addresses
  • Customer service available 24/7
  • Provides unlimited traffic
  • PayPal, Bitcoin and Credit Card payment options available
  • Users have reported the remote desktop can be slow at times
  • Some torrent clients aren’t hosted and might require you set them up on your own
  • The budget plan doesn’t have root access or one-click installs, which is bad for beginners
  • Only the most expensive plans have priority support 
  • Plex support is only available only in higher tier plans  

RapidSeedbox are delivered with pre-built apps and features so that users can start using it right away once payment has been received, (although in some cases this can take up to 24 hours.) Each seedbox also comes with OpenVPN that helps users keep their online activities private by encrypting and securing all communication. 

RapidSeedbox recommends users stick to Deluge and rTorrent/ruTorrent clients, but they are free to use any torrent client they want. If you already have a seedbox from another provider, RapidSeedbox will be happy to help you transfer all the data to your new RapidSeedbox. 

Most of their seedbox plans come with root access, something that other seedbox providers don’t offer, and all of them have a dedicated IP address. Their higher tier plans are compatible with Plex Media Server, giving you a completely new viewing experience. 


RapidSeedbox currently offers six plans, ranging between €11 and €55 per month and the storage capacity per plan ranges between 512 GB and 5.6 TB, with traffic allowances from 2TB in the lowest tier plan to 25TB traffic in the highest tier plan. 

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Seedbox.io runs their own network, the size of which compares to some of the largest European internet exchanges, with their core routers connected with multiple 10Gbit uplinks to ensure unlimited bandwidth. 

They use only Dell enterprise hardware solutions coupled with Western Digital storage options and Seedbox.io is based in the Netherlands, France, Romania and currently uses the following networks to provide their services: 

  • In Netherlands, they use the NFOrce Class1 network (ASN 43350)
  • In Romania, they operate on the M247 Premium Network (ASN 9009)
  • In France, they have a deal with PoneyTelecom (ASN 12876)
  • Offers both shared slots and dedicated slots 
  • Network is comprised of high-end peering deals
  • Customer service monitors servers 24/7
  • Minimum 100GBit uplinks on all servers
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee for their network - in case there are issues, customers will be compensated
  • 14-day money back guarantee in case users are not satisfied with the services or there are issues that can’t be solved - you will get a full refund
  • Supports all major protocols: FTP, FTPS, FXP
  • All slots - both shared and dedicated - come with OpenVPN, AutoDL and Resilio Sync 
  • Savings on long term deals range between 5% and 20%: the longer you pay upfront, the better the discount you’ll get
  • Supported payment options include credit cards, Bitcoin, PayPal, and wire transfers.
  • Support tickets submitted outside of business hours could see longer response times as the support team is EU based and located in the GMT+2 time zone
  • Users report occasional issues and glitches with their seedboxes, but overall these don’t happen often 
  • Platform software seems to be a bit simplistic

With Seedbox.io, you can choose between shared and dedicated slot options, with a wide selection in each of the two categories. The Shared slots options are divided into premium and SSD slots. 

Premium slots

are the most budget friendly option, starting as low as 5€ per month. There are eight slots available. 

  • Each slot has their own dedicated bandwidth, ranging between 100Mbit and 2000Mbit. 
  • For disk space, dedicated slots have between 300GiB and 3250GiB. 
  • Public trackers are allowed, and all are instant setup, but don’t have plex support.  

SSD slots

These come with rTorrent and ruTorrent support, FTP, FTPS and FXP protocol support, and unlimited bandwidth. There are four slots available, ranging from €20 to €90 per month, with 200GiB to 1000Gib SSD RAID disc space and 1000 Megabit to 5000 Megabit of dedicated bandwidth available per user. 

SSD slots come with instant setup and encrypted connections, but unfortunately, they have no PLEX support or remote access available, which makes them a bad choice for users with lots of media, especially at this price range. 

Dedicated Servers

Seedbox.io’s dedicated servers are their highest grade offer, and users can choose whether they want dedicated servers based in France, the Netherlands and soon they will have Romania based dedicated servers available too. 

All dedicated servers come with rTorrent with ruTorrent and Deluge support, public trackers are allowed. Dedicated servers come with premium features such as root access, live rerouting, remote SSH access and PLEX support and the dedicated server plans start at €30 per month for France based servers and €60 for Netherlands based servers.

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DediSeedbox is primarily based in the Netherlands, at the Evoswitch data center on the Nforce Network and they have their own dedicated servers located in Canada and France as well.  The seedbox comes pre-installed apps, installable apps, OpenVPN, with 10Gbps unlimited traffic included.   

  • The seedbox setup is automatic - customers will receive seedbox details within one minute after payment is received
  • Unlimited data transfers are part of all plans 
  • Seedbox offers high-security encryption 
  • Compatible with all major internet browsers 
  • Hosts both virtual private servers and dedicated servers 
  • 50% discount on the first month with applicable discount code
  • Users have reported that the speed is unreliable 
  • The OpenVPN option is exclusive of the seedbox and needs to be downloaded by the user 
  • The seedbox does not do well with single torrents. Users may need to download multiple torrents to see better results. 
  • No information on availability of current slots on their site - the user is informed the slot is sold out only after trying to order it from the site. 

DediSeedbox offer three types of slots: seedboxes, VPS and dedicated servers.

Seedbox Plans

The three seedbox plans they currently offer include: 

  • Netherlands Small Plan is their entry plan. While it seems to be a good choice for beginners, it still starts at $15 per month, which is quite a lot compared to other providers. The plan comes with 1TB of disc space, unlimited traffic and 10Gbps connection. 
  • Netherlands Medium Plan comes with all the features of the small plan, but more disc space - 1.5TB - for $20 per month. 
  • Netherlands Large Plan has 2TB of disc space available for $25 per month, with all the other features being equal to the small and medium plan. 

VPS Plans

Their three VPS plans range between $20 and $30 per month, come with root access, the SolusVM control panel, unlimited download traffic, 10 TB upload traffic and 10 Gbps connections. The disc space range is from 500 GB to 1TB, with dedicated memory ranging from 3GB to 5GB.   

Dedicated Server Plans

Their three dedicated server offers range between $110 and $140 per month. All three slots come with 16GB memory, 100 TB traffic, 1Gbps download and upload speeds and all are based in the Netherlands. The only difference between them is the amount of disc space, that ranges from 4 x 1TB to 4 x 3TB. 

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SeedboxBay primarily runs Intel servers and doesn’t offer as much storage space as other seedboxes, which is intentional. The company is seeking users who are in search of smaller disk spaces. Smaller disk spaces could be an option for the average user who is not as tech-savvy. 

  • Immediate activation and setup upon receiving payment
  • No bandwidth limits 
  • Customer service available for video chat on Skype 
  • SeedboxBay offers 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • 24/7 support available
  • Public and private trackers allowed
  • 10% discount on the first order for new customers
  • No contracts - month to month deals available where users can switch between plans as they desire. 
  • Storage capacities are significantly lower than with other seedbox providers (450GB)
  • Seedbox only offers 1 Gbps of connection, as opposed to other providers who offer up to 10Gbps 
  • There are no savings for annual billing options 
  • Refund window is only 3 days, and their dedicated server offers are not refundable. 
  • Only PayPal and Bitcoin are accepted

SeedboxBay plans all come with FTP/FTPS, HTTP/HTTPS access, public and private trackers are allowed, and Plex, Sonar, CouchPotato and HeadPhones are preinstalled. They offer three types of seedboxes: 

  • ruTorrent plans that come with the ruTorrent WebUI
  • uTorrent plans with uTorrent WebUI
  • PLEX plans with ruTorrent WebUI that has all plugins and a dedicated IP. 

Note: Their ruTorrent and uTorrent plans only have 100GB, 200GB and 300GB of storage per plan while their PLEX plans have 500GB, 1000GB, and 1500GB storage per plan only. 

For those looking for more storage space, SeedboxBay offers dedicated servers based in Paris, France. The server cost is actually quite low and starts from $15 per month for a 160GB HDD with 2GB of RAM, with their highest tier options being  a 2 x 2000GB HW RAID with 32 GB of RAM for $80 per month. 

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Seedstorm is a new division of Obtrix, a company that has been offering seedboxes for the past decade. Although primarily based in New Zealand, Seedstorm’s enterprise-grade servers are located in the United States and the Netherlands.

  • Technical support is available 24 hours a day 
  • 1Gbps connections on all plans
  • FTP, HTTP, sFTP, rsync, SSH access
  • Every plan is limited to 300Mbit upload and 1000Mbit download, but only download is counted towards bandwidth.
  • A dedicated IP with each plan
  • Seedbox switching and routing uses multiple Cisco 6k routers
  • Company works with and supports open source developers
  • No contracts required
  • Over-limit packages available for purchase
  • PayPal and Credit Cards are accepted
  • Monthly limits could pose problems for heavy users
  • Users have reported issues when switching between clients
  • Download speeds are average 
  • United States might not be the best location for your server when it comes to privacy

Seedstorm offers four plans, ranging from $15 to $45 per month. Users can choose between 500GB, 750GB, 1000GB and 1500GB of disc space and 3TB, 5TB, 7.5B and 10TB of bandwidth. 

All their best seedboxes come with preinstalled and fully configured rTorrent+ruTorrent webUI and Deluge, with the ability to switch between clients with a simple click of a button, which makes them very user friendly. 

Seedstorm uses algorithms that ensures all seedbox users on the same server have a similar experience during peak hours, which is something most other providers don’t have. They also have 300Gbps connectivity on their network with staff at the data center around the clock for support

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EvoSeedBox offers seedboxes primarily on servers based in the Netherlands, but they also have a few server locations in Canada, UK and France. They offer seedbox only and Box + Plex plans, with most of their plans having PLEX support. 

  • Budget friendly with plans starting as low as $5. 
  • Up to 1TB HDD for SeedBox plans and 8TB HDD for Box+Plex plans
  • Up to 20 TB upload bandwidth
  • YISP Evoswitch Network with 2X10 Gbit for redundancy speed
  • Compatible with all popular browsers and devices 
  • Preconfigured apps with rutorrent after install
  • All accounts come with a preconfigured LFTP app
  • VPN supported to ensure you remain anonymous 
  • Transdroid support
  • Can be used with nzb360 seedbox manager on Android
  • 24/7 support available 
  • 7-day trial is available (but you will have to pay upfront)  
  • Sometimes it might take a few hours to receive login details, but usually auto-setup takes care of login information within minutes of receiving payment
  • No refunds are available after the first 7 days of service, so if you’re not happy with the service, make sure to open a support ticket within the first seven days 
  • Some have mentioned that customer support is slow and might take days to get your ticket answered 
  • No wiggle room for filling up your seedbox past the limit - once this happens, you might get blocked, so keep your seedbox at healthy limits

EvoSeedbox have 4 seedbox plans and 4 Box + Plex plans available. The main difference between those two options is the amount of storage you get (and pricing too). 

Their Box plans range between $5 and $26 per month and the best feature is that they come with instant deployment and a good amount of bandwidth. This means they have something for everyone, even beginners. You get a 2TB for the cheapest plan, and can get up to 12TB per month for the highest tier plan in this category. The issue with their entry level Blitz plan for $5 per month is that even though you get 2TB bandwidth, Plex isn’t supported and only standard customer support is available. 

Their Box+Plex plans range between $15 and $60,come with up to 8GB of storage, 20TB upload per month, and unlimited downloads. Higher tier plans - the two most expensive options - in both Box and Box+Plex categories also benefit from priority support. 

Aside from devent support pages, EvoSeedbox also have a very active Discord community. When you join their discord server, they will provide help and support with any issue you might encounter. The discord server has dedicated channels for seedbox support, tutorials, FAQ, as well as site announcements, known issues and billing issues section. This is by far the most comprehensive community among seedbox providers.

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UltraSeedbox uses servers based in the Netherlands to power their seedboxes. Their seedboxes are compatible with Plex, and all their plans come with high CPU, lots of storage and good pricing options.  

  • Instant setup 
  • Up to 8TB of storage
  • 10Gb/sec to 20Gb/sec network interface
  • SSD-based Plans available 
  • Users can install their own programs into their home directory
  • Ability to mount Google Drive to a seedbox
  • Only necessary logs are kept, but wiped every 12 hours 
  • Automatic reactivation of slosts after taking care of late payments
  • Compatible with mobile apps: NZB360, Trireme, Tautulli Remote and Ombi Mobile App
  • Long list of available apps to install, most apps supporting a one-click install. 
  • Great onsite knowledge base
  • Discounts for annual billing (you get roughly 2 months free)
  • Seedbox will automatically be deactivated if the payment is late
  • Seeding to public trackers is limited

UltraSeedbox have quite a wide range of slots available, divided into three categories: Plex optimized slots, SSD plans, and cheap and robust slots, so customers can choose what they prefer most. 

Budget Options

Their cheap and robust slots are budget friendly and start from €4.75 per month, and come with unlimited downloads available, 20Gbps connections, up to 1500GB of disc space and between 2TB and 9TB of upload. The downside is that they do not include Plex, which is a big deal breaker for those looking for an affordable way to store and access all their media.

SSD Plans

Their SSD plans offer blazing fast speeds and start from €17.50 per month, with 25TB upload at minimum and 20 Gbps connections. 

Plex Slots

Their Plex Optimized plans start at €15.95 per month and feature large disc capacities - from 2000GB to 8TB dedicated options. 

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Meggafast is a relatively new seedbox provider that offers affordable seedbox plans starting from $3.40 per month. They are a UK based provider, but there’s little information on where their servers are hosted. Their seedbox offer includes shared and dedicated seedbox options, with storage ranging between 100GB to 2TB. 

All their slots include a 1Gbit port speeds, a basic VPN, FTP over TLS, and SSH access. Their dedicated options also have SSH root access, SFTP and FTP protocol support, Deluge and BTSync.

  • Offers up to 950 GB HDDs with their plans 
  • 1 GB port speeds 
  • Unlimited download bandwidth available 
  • Dedicated seedbox with up to 2TB of HDD and root access  
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Public trackers allowed
  • Website is outdated and the order CTA on website returns a “Not Found” URL issue
  • Full support only available to dedicated seedbox plan users 
  • Some users complained about poor customer service.
  • Very limited knowledge base on their site so it’s not a good pick for those who are new to seedboxes. 

Pulsed Media has one of the most extensive offers when it comes to seedboxes. Their best seedboxes are all run on Finland and EU servers and the most appealing aspect of their slots is the customization most of them offer. Once you pick out a plan you like, you can also choose whether you want extra traffic, RAM or disk space for that particular plan and it works as a sort of ‘bolt-on’ offer.

  • Up to 16TB storage with select plans
  • 1 Gbps network
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee through a service level agreement 
  • SSD Seedboxes available - up to 1820 GB storage
  • With maximum performance RAID0 Array
  • Storage extras are allowed, so users can go up to 25% over their storage for seven days
  • 14-day money back guarantee 
  • 20% discount on longer term plans
  • Extensive support available around the clock - ticketing, email, knowledge base and wiki 
  • Preconfigured seedboxes for quick start 
  • Seedboxes can be mounted as local drives 
  • 10Gbps full duplex (10Gbps/10Gbps) speedPayment options include PayPal, EU wire transfer and cryptocurrencies (LTC, XMR, ETH and many others)
  • Pricing is EU based and you might have to deal with additional taxes
  • Free Seedbox that’s listed as available is just a marketing tactic, you won’t get one 
  • Some customers complain that the service reps tend to be a bit short tempered 
  • Some users had accounts banned after issues with payment 

Their seedboxes all come with a 1Gbps network connection, and very detailed information on the type of array setup that’s used for each seedbox plan. This is something that no other provider has done. 

  • Their SSD seedboxes are set up as a RAID0 Array to ensure maximum performance at all times. 
  • Their Dragon series speedboxes feature a RAID10 High performance redundant storage with first priority bonus storage included. 
  • The M1000 Series is set up as a RAID5 Redundant storage option, while their M1000 Storage line also comes with RAID5 setup, but much more storage space when compared to the original M1000 line. 

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Which Seedbox is Best?

Although there are many good seedboxes to choose from, the best seedbox available in our opinion is the RapidSeedbox

The RapidSeedbox is the best cheap seedbox available because it offers a great user interface and can be used by those new to seeding. We like the fact that it comes pre-installed with apps that can enhance your seeding experience. 

The fact that the RapidSeedbox is compatible with multiple operating systems and offers above-average customer service also set it apart in our minds.

Even though it’s already the best cheap seedbox, RapidSeedbox is now offering a deal to first time users, who will receive 25% off their first purchase. It’s a great way for those new to seedbox products to try what we consider to be the best seedbox on the market. 

The enrollment process is easy and can be completed in under three minutes. Plus, there is a 14-day money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with the service. Between the benefits offered and the affordability, we’d recommend choosing RapidSeedbox for your seedbox needs. 

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