The Best Seedbox for the Overall Experience

After 14 hours of research and testing 5 different seedbox services, we think that Rapidseedbox is the best overall Seedbox solution. With unlimited bandwidth, excellent customer support, easy setup, affordable plans and 14 days money back guarantee- we think it’s one of the best seedboxes out there.

At some point, you may find yourself needing to download torrent files. If so, you’re not alone. Torrents are downloaded by using a peer-to-peer file sharing system and account for over half of the traffic on the internet. A seedbox provides you with a dedicated high-speed server that will allow you access to your files from anywhere, and is a must-have for anyone dealing with torrents on a regular basis. 

Why Use a Seedbox? 

Seedboxes are remote servers hosted on high-bandwidth data centers that allow you to upload and download extremely large files securely and quickly. 

Seedboxes can be great tools for all computer users, from gamers to office professionals. They provide remote access to a dedicated high-speed server. By obtaining a seedbox, users are able to privately receive access to torrent-sharing benefits that cannot be found anywhere else on the internet. 

Consider these reasons from Airservers detailing why seedboxes can be beneficial. 


Seedboxes can grant download and upload speeds that you’ve never seen before. Most seedboxes are set up with, at a minimum, 100Mbit lines. How fast is that? You’ll be able to download an audio album in about 10 seconds. 


Downloading can become a breeze with a seedbox. You may be able to download full length, high-definition movies in as little as two minutes. Attempting to do this without a seedbox could take hours. 

Seedboxes can also provide access to storage databases so that you do not have to host your downloads on your home network. 


Many users find that they prefer to upload instead of download when using their seedbox. In fact, if you’re considering using a seedbox, uploading should be one of the primary reasons you do so. 

Seedboxes do not have any upload limitations. You will be able to maximize upload and download transfer rates on your seedbox simultaneously. 

Protecting Your Home Internet 

Using a seedbox keeps your home network free for everyone else to use for smaller day-to-day files. Home users often struggle with the speed of their internet, even if they are not downloading an abundance of large files. 

Downloading large torrent files at slow bandwidth speeds could cripple your home internet. A seedbox solves this dilemma. 

Getting Around ISP Restrictions

Users typically are restricted to monthly ISP limits. If your ISP is capped, torrent downloads can quickly push you toward your max. Torrent uploads will not interfere with your ISP restrictions. Your ISP will also no longer affect your P2P traffic. 

Gain Access to Torrent Sites

As you begin uploading content, torrent sites will invite you to access their servers. Many seedbox users find that rotating private BitTorrent accounts when using a seedbox is practical and effective. 

Broad Content Selection

As your credibility grows, you’ll be able to access the torrents that you want. You will no longer need to download the torrents you are uninterested in just to gain access to the torrents you actually want. Additionally, seedboxes are given the highest priority in torrent upload queues. 

Safety and Security

RIAA and MPAA concerns go out the window when working with a seedbox. Seedboxes grant the utmost privacy, and you will not need to use host a BitTorrent client account on your home computer. 

Additional Resources to Help You Get Started

There is also an entire section on Reddit dedicated to seedboxes. The forum can provide more information if you’re interested in self-seeding. The community appears active and can be helpful as you figure out how a seedbox can work with your operating system. 

Choosing the Best Seedbox

There are multiple seedbox options available to choose from. Reddit users have provided advice for finding the best cheap seedbox. In the meantime, consider these options we’ve provided for you a starting point.  


RapidSeedbox has deployed nearly 16k seedboxes and hosts customers in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, France, and Canada. The seedbox features a dedicated IP address, and the software is compatible with Microsoft Windows, CentOS, SolusVM, and Ubuntu.  

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  • check
    Users receive unlimited bandwidth
  • check
    There are pre-installed apps, such as remote desktop, web browser, and download manager 
  • check
    Apps can be installed with one click  
  • check
    The seedbox offers more control options than other seedboxes
  • check
    Provides unlimited traffic
  • check
     Up to 11GB of RAM
  • check
    Customer service available 24/7


  • Users have reported the remote desktop can be slow
  • Some torrent clients aren’t hosted runs their own network, the size of which compares to some of the largest European internet exchanges. is based in the Netherlands, France, Romania. 


  • check
    Offers both shared slots and dedicated slots 
  • check
    Network is comprised of high-end peering deals
  • check
    Customer service monitors servers 24/7
  • check
    Minimum 100BMBIT uplinks on all servers
  • check
    Supports all major protocols 


  • Support tickets submitted outside of business hours could see longer response times
  • Users report occasion issues and glitches 
  • Platform software is basic


DediSeedbox is primarily based in the Netherlands, at the Evoswitch data center. They have their own dedicated servers located in Canada and France as well. The seedbox comes pre-installed with access to Bitsync and Divx Web Player.  


  • check
    Customers receive seedbox details within one minute of activation 
  • check
    Unlimited data transfer 
  • check
    Seedbox offers high-security encryption 
  • check
    Compatible with all major internet browsers 
  • check
    Hosts both virtual private servers and dedicated servers 


  • Users have reported that the speed is unreliable 
  • The OpenVPN option is exclusive of the seedbox and needs to be downloaded by the user 
  • The seedbox does not do well with single torrents. Users may need to download multiple torrents to see better results. 


SeedboxBay primarily runs Intel servers. SeedboxBay does not provide as much storage space as other seedboxes, which is intentional. The company is seeking users who are in search of smaller disk spaces. Smaller disk spaces could be an option for the average user who is not as tech-savvy.  


  • check
    Immediate activation and setup 
  • check
    No bandwidth limits 
  • check
    Customer service available for video chat on Skype 
  • check
    The seedbox offers 99.99% uptime 
  • check
    Public and private trackers are available 


  • 450 GB of storage significantly less than other seedboxes
  • Seedbox only offers 1 Gbps of connection 
  • Plans can run out of available space and won’t accept new orders 


Seedstorm is a new division of Obtrix, and company that has been offering seedboxes for the past decade. Although primarily based in New Zealand, Seedstorms features enterprise-grade servers in the United States and the Netherlands.  


  • check
    Technical support is available 24 hours a day 
  • check
    Up to 30TB of bandwidth 
  • check
    300Gbps of connectivity
  • check
    Seedbox switching and routing uses multiple Cisco 6k routers 
  • check
    Company works with and supports open source developers


  • Monthly limits could pose problems for heavy users
  • Users have reported issues switching between clients
  • Download speeds are average 

Which Seedbox is Best?

Although there are many good seedboxes to choose from, the best seedbox available in our opinion is the RapidSeedbox

The RapidSeedbox is the best cheap seedbox available. It offers a great user interface and can be used by those new to seeding. We like the fact that it comes pre-installed with apps that can enhance your seeding experience. 

The fact that the RapidSeedbox is compatible with multiple operating systems and offers above-average customer service also set it apart in our minds.

Even though it’s already the best cheap seedbox, RapidSeedbox is now offering a deal to first time users, who will receive 25% off their first purchase. It’s a great way for those new to seedbox products to try what we consider to be the best seedbox on the market. 

The enrollment process is easy and can be completed in under three minutes. Plus, there is a 14-day money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with the service. Between the benefits offered and the affordability, we’d recommend choosing RapidSeedbox for your seedbox needs. 

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