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Evoseedbox Review: Be Connected Without Having The Proof To Connect


Similar to you, I also stumbled upon EvoseedBox by accident after seeing its advertisement for the first time. Before I noticed it, I enjoyed the fast speeds on a shared server, PLEX, and Open VPN. However, there's always either bad in good or good in bad in all aspects. As well as picking which VPN is best on the market today. And based on my experience with EvoseedBox, here are some takeaways I learned that I thought I'd share with you before you consider taking advantage of the premium offer, particularly if you're new to VPNs.

First, before I go thoroughly, have you ever been blocked by your ISP whenever you attempt to access a banned website? In such a case. VPN can serve as a means to keep your privacy and let you browse the web to visit any website, download content, or stream videos without being blocked by censorship systems or must reload your web browser all the time. That's what Evoseedbox does.

In fact, Evoseedbox claimed that it would allow you to download at speeds of 10 Gbps with complete privacy to ensure that your ISP and government are not watching. As you continue to scroll down, I'll let you know whether they do what they talked about. Let's get to the chase.

What is Evoseedbox?

EvoSeedbox is the tool you should use if ever you want to remain anonymous to the globe. You will not be able to trace your online activity with it even if you appear with the same IP address network and that it would provide enough virtual storage for it not to stress your computer simultaneously. It should be easy to find one that suits your needs among Seedboxes, SSD Seedboxes, or dedicated servers. Even so, I prefer Seedboxes a lot more, as you will see during EvoSeedBox's presentation.

When you go to their website, you'll first see the signup form for Seedbox. You will receive a welcome email containing your client interface link, where you can access information related to your Seedbox. Including the name of the plan, server IP, FTP information, and more. And, of course, the customer service box if ever you want some help.

Additionally, there are tabs for accessing apps, Gmail, Google Drive, and FTP/VPN settings. Alternatively, the desktop application can also be used to access the ruTorrent client, including restarting it and resetting it.

The overall theme of its website is plain and eye-pleasing. Therefore, it will be easier for you to browse as much as you would like without missing any points.

Evoseed Real Performance

There is no real issue with downloading files. Still, the process takes a considerable amount of time, which is understandable using a shared hard drive. On popular "ISOs," I have managed to reach a 1:1 video to image ratio quickly and easily.

On a small tracker, I downloaded for approximately 65-70MB/s on a large ISO and uploaded 80MB/s. In contrast, the upload speed hovered around 30-35 MB consistently over a period of time. However, you must take note that these numbers of MB are changeable and still depended on which premium offers you will take.

On a side note, I have never had a storage issue on my dedicated box, so I'm not sure if it's normal. Still, sometimes there's a minor problem regarding the torrent client if you reach 100% of your allocated storage, it crashes and takes a while for it to restart.

I have a certain storage limit, but a bit complicated to make use of. However, I have managed to make use of it pretty well and rarely exceed one or two torrents as I tend to download individual files. Sharing files via torrents has proven to be very safe and basically NO risk of viruses.

Overall, the service is great and not bad for me as a starter, and so does for you. However, if you're having trouble with which premium offer you should use, I would recommend you on Sped - $10 per month.

All About The Prize

Yes, you heard it right. Personally, I think it will be on your benefits side if you take the middle premium offer, which is $10 per month. Although, Evoseedbox offers a friendly-budget VPN offer which is $5 per month.

Therefore, if you want wanted to give Evoseedbox some sneak peek, the $5 is justiciable. You would have access to 150 GB HDD, 2 TB Upload/month, Instant Deployment, and Standard Support. Either which premium you choose, you would still get more than what you paid for.

Evoseedbox offers a variety of servers to use, whether it's from the US, UK, Italy or Germany, or the Netherlands. They also offer iPhone/android/desktop applications to use.

7-Days Money-Back Policy

I suppose you're done activating the Evoseedbox premium offer for the money-back policy and but not very satisfied with what you experience and wanted to get your money back. Fortunately, Evoseedbox has its 7-days money-back policy. You can inform any of their team. They will refund your money back to the same account without deducting any percentage when you made the payment prior. Which I found with this set up as the moon in the oceans of stars. There are only a few services that have this offer to the point that they can hand over the power to their users. So it's a plus point.

The Flow of Its Internet Access

As I told you in the first part, there are Seed boxes you'll find in other dedicated serves. But that's not all. As I was amazed when I try this, Evoseedbox allows flawless access to all the data even without the Internet. In other words, you can enjoy the files using any electronic device of your knowledge more than the way you expected it to be.

Unlike other Seedbox service providers, they offer 20 TB of online storage space with high-speed peering. Else, extra space, our team offers more than 100 GB of add-ons.

Moreover, aside from the Seedboxes, my overall perception of its internet accessibility is certainly positive. It is important to note that you will need to sign in with your account to see everything the service offers.

You may choose from 4 Seedboxes ranging from 150 GB (Blitz) to 1.000 GB (Dash) as soon as you do. It's among this pair that you can find the Speed, which has 300 GB of storage space, and the Blaze, with its 600 GB of storage space.

Is The Storage Enough?

When it comes to its storage capability, there is a limit to how much Bandwidth you can use. When I say Bandwidth, it means the data transfer capacity of a computer network in bits per second (Bps) or a range of frequencies within a given band, in particular, that used for transmitting a signal.

In other words, the amount of data you are permitted to download or share will be limited, but then again, there is a chance that this may vary depending on the plan you select. The most expensive and the most outstanding offer is the Dash that costs $26 per month, and for the PLEX plan, Thanos is the most expensive, which is $60 per month.

Specifically, if we take a look at the Blitz Seedbox, which costs $5 per month, you are going to get access to 2TB of Bandwidth. Therefore, you'll be able to download (+share) a total of 2.000 GB of files. You would have used 22 GB of your Bandwidth if, for example, you downloaded a 4 GB movie and shared it fully five times (20 GB). And usually, considering that Blitz Seedbox is the cheapest, 2TB is way better compared to cheap offers.

However, suppose you are an extremely heavy user of the Internet, in the business line or anything, and wanting to try the Dash Seedbox offer. In that case, it will be impossible to exceed your Bandwidth. But regardless of which premium offer you choose, let's just say that you go beyond your limit. You will be able to contact client support and get more without charging you fees.

That's why I think it is safer if you would try to consider the Speed Offer, you will have all the access to what Evoseedbox could offer at the safest price.

If you wanted to check its premium offer, you could go to and see which one you prefer.

Management System

Evoseedbox provides in the premium offer easy access to Advanced Dashboard, File Manager, and Advanced Rutorrent. You can install its apps or control them in one click regardless of the gadget you use. In fact, all Android apps like Transdrone and NZB360 are supported.

For the Blazing Speeds: YISP Evoswitch Network with 2X10 Gbit for redundancy speed is never an issue. Reroute on a button click - anytime!

Advanced LFTP Client: All plans come with a custom LFTP client for multi-segmented downloads, which ensures un-throttled SFTP speeds in any location from your seedbox server.

Multiple Backbones for Transit: Reroute with just one click, current route options include Centurylink (Level 3), Cogent, GTT Seaborne (Sparkle), Tata, Telia.

The Responsiveness of Customer Service

The other more crucial part of the VPN category—the responsiveness of a Customer Service Agent.

If you see the tag line of Evoseedbox, it is alleged to have client support 24 to support any prospective needs. Just simply contact them or email them on their official ID. You could expect a response from their customer service within a couple of minutes.

However, just like any other Customer Service Response, getting the answer you want without waiting is inevitable. But sadly, in Evoseedbox, you will not just be going to wait for minutes. Instead, it will take hours or even days to get a response, especially if it's a problem with technicality or with your interface. However, if it is simple questions, they were times when they are responsive.

Moreover, suppose you're one of those people who were shy to message their customer service or wanted to do their own in-depth research before availing of any of its offers. In that case, you may go to is Frequently Asked Questions on Evoseedbox to save more of your time rather than waiting for their response.

Alternative: Evoseed Box vs. Rapidseed Box

Since we are talking about Seed Box, let's try to check and reconsider which Seed Box is the better VPN to use. One of its most competent agencies is the Rapidseed Box. It is also claimed to give you an optimized, fast, and totally customizable Seedbox that fits your every need.

They have pre-installed Apps such as Remote desktop, web browser, download manager, video encoder, and Top quality hard disk such as CPU power, RAM, and storage.

However, the cheapest premium offer available is the Brisk, which costs $12 per month with storage of 512 GB and 2TP traffic when it comes to its pricing. It has the same TP traffic as the $5 premium that Evoseedbox offers. Therefore, when it comes to its price, Evoseedbox won in this battle.

But it's not yet over because one of the best features that Rapidseed Box could offer is its 14 days money-back policy. And indeed, it is twice better than Evoseedbox.

Advantage and Disadvantages

Before we proceed with the last part of this review, the final verdict, let's discuss the Advantages and Disadvantages of Evoseedbox at the moment.


  • Undoubtedly, the 7-days money-back policy is a wise marketing strategy. It makes its users feel secure and risk-free.
  • Evoseedbox has the cheapest premium offers that have the highest quality and other benefits.
  • It is accessible to all gadgets whether you are using Androids, iPhones, Laptops, or Desktops, and they have their own Apps.
  • You can connect without an internet connection, and your identity will always be anonymous.


  • Let's face it; there is no Plex offer in the Blitz Premium Package.
  • When it comes to customer service support, it gives standard service.
  • It only provides a 1Gb per the second downlink on all Seedboxes you would encounter.

Note: When you are more on the speed basis, sadly, Evo seedbox offers 1Gbps. The 1 Gb per second might be acceptable if only one or two people were sharing the same server, but unfortunately, at its seldom times, it is not possible. The Speed isn't at its full potential because you'll be sharing it with many people.

Final Verdict

Overall, as I have used Evoseedbox lately, I could say that, now, I understand why there are a lot of people who are hyping and wanting to experience all the features that it can offer—considering that you will have access to them with the very low price. You are no longer on the loss side.

There are bad features and good features all at one VPN. We could not really get all the good features without meeting the bad. However, the choice is yours based on your preference.

But personally, since I am on the storage and cheapest side, I could recommend that Evoseedbox is worth the risk.

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