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December 15, 2017

Choosing Between a Seedbox and a VPN

It seems like we can’t turn on the news today without reading about another hack or security breach on the internet. Even bitcoin, which had previously claimed to be unhackable, lost $70 million in a hack. If you’re looking for added security on the web, your decision likely comes down to a seedbox and a VPN. 

Option One: A Seedbox 

A seedbox serves as the middle-man between you and torrent sites. Seedboxes are hosted on physical servers around the world. 

Seedboxes provide unrivaled security when downloading torrents. If anyone were to trace the path of a torrent, their trail would stop at the seedbox server. There are no records of torrent uploads or downloads between a user’s computer and the host seedbox server. 

This YouTube video further explains what a seedbox is

What Are the Features and Benefits of a Seedbox? 

Seedboxes allow users to download and upload torrents 24/7. Their computing capabilities are truly remarkable. Seedboxes can allow torrent users to connect to a 1Gbps network with unlimited bandwidth, while offering up to 3TB of storage. 

Seedboxes can allow users to upload and download files almost instantaneously. Looking to download your favorite artists’ new album? That’ll take mere seconds. As user’s frequent torrent sites, they gain more and more access to content. 

As a result, Seedboxes allow users to gain access to content on the internet that is unavailable to others. 

Additionally, seedboxes allow users to skirt around local ISP restrictions. It also clears bandwidth on a user’s home network, because all torrent downloads are conducted on the seedbox server. Using a seedbox can also eliminate RIAA and MPAA concerns. 

Option Two: A VPN

Unlike seedboxes, VPNs, or Virtual Private Networks, are not dedicated servers. VPNs are networks that connect at least two, if not more, remote locations. Basically, VPNs create a private network over what would otherwise be a public, unsecured network. 

When accessing a VPN, you’ll log in to the VPN client on your personal computer. Then, the VPN allows your computer to exchange trusted keys, thereby encrypting your internet communication. 

This short video by Rayner Software explains how a VPN network works. There is a slew of VPNs available, although many users report that these five are their favorites

What Are the Features and Benefits of a VPN?

Using a VPN allows complete anonymity on the internet. If anyone were to attempt to trace your web traffic, they would find the IP address of the VPN destination, not your personal computer. 

This not only allows for privacy, but it can also increase your web-browsing experience. Many websites and applications restrict content based on your location. For instance, Netflix’s House of Cards can only be viewed in the United States. 

What if you are traveling abroad for a year? What if you wanted to watch the British version of the show? A VPN makes that possible. Because a VPN reroutes your traffic, you could be working on an IP address in another country. As a result, VPNs allow access to the global internet. 

From a commercial perspective, VPNs can be very good for businesses as well. Businesses with global offices, or those that have employees working remotely, can benefit from using a VPN. A VPN can allow employees to access company data on private servers. 

Arguably the most important benefit of using a VPN is the fact that it offers complete encryption for all web activity. Worried about connecting to the unsecured network at your local coffee shop? When using a VPN, there’s no need to worry. 

VPNs can provide security to anyone who accesses the internet, from students and office works to heavy gamers and frequent downloaders. 

Seedbox v. VPN Faceoff

When it comes to added security, you can’t go wrong with either a seedbox or a VPN. Although they grant privacy when browsing online, their general functions and purposes are different. Let’s compare the two products head-to-head to see which one could work best for you.  

Seedbox Pros and Cons


  • check
    Added security when downloading torrents
  • check
    Reduced chance that someone sees your IP address when working online
  • check
    Fast download and upload speeds
  • check
    Large amounts of storage
  • check
    You only use your personal bandwidth when you transfer the torrent to your computer, not when downloading the torrent itself


  • Only useful when working with torrents 
  • Not great for businesses looking to connect employees
  • Two download stages – from the seedbox, and then the file transfer to your computer

VPN Pros and Cons


  • check
    Encrypt your traffic when on the internet
  • check
    Your IP Address is completely hidden 
  • check
    Spoofing your IP Address to make it appear you are working from another location 
  • check
    Easy for remote clients to share files 
  • check
    Skirt around geo-restrictions commonly seen on websites and applications 


  • VPN’s can have restrictions on them that prevent you from using them to download torrents​​​​
  • Unreliable internet speeds; sending your internet traffic through another server can slow speeds down
  • A VPNs security is only as strong as its remote users

Additionally, there are dedicated forums on Reddit that detail all things seedbox and VPN. Connecting with users in the forums can allow you to discover how a seedbox and VPN can work with your system setup. 

Which Option is Best for You?

Seedboxes and VPNs are two beneficial yet different tools for working on the internet. Which one you choose is dependent on what specifically you’re looking to accomplish online. As seen here, everyone has their own preferences based on their own goals and experiences.  

If a lot of your internet access involves torrents, a seedbox is a no-brainer. The incredible speed of seedboxes, coupled with added storage, will make your life much easier when uploading and downloading. 

Furthermore, the fact that a VPN may block torrents can be a big concern for users. VPNs also don’t offer much in terms of added upload and download speeds. They just offer privacy while doing so. 

There are some sites that offer Torrent VPNs, but users will be hindered by bandwidth limits. For torrent-users, a Torrent VPN does not add any benefit that a seedbox doesn’t. We highly recommend selecting a seedbox for all online torrent activity.  

For the average user, the VPN may be the better option. VPNs can protect your identity and give you an extra layer of security while online. 

Have you ever been told that while browsing the internet, you should only enter your information on a website that begins with HTTPS? HTTPS, or Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure, indicates that the site encrypts your information. 

By choosing to use a VPN, the “HTTPS” concept is applied to all of your information, including your network, files, passwords, personal information, and credit cards. In an online world that is so vulnerable and exposed, the importance of encrypting your information cannot be overstated. 

Why not get both? Well for one, as mentioned, the VPN may disrupt your work with torrents. But more importantly, there’s no need for both. If you’re working with torrents, your seedbox will provide all of the security you need, and there is no need for further encryption. This is discussed in-depth here.

If you’re not working with torrents, there’s no need for a seedbox. A VPN can provide the encryption necessary to keep you safe in today’s online world.

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